Make Mistakes Eraser Patch - Pink Green
Make Mistakes Eraser Patch - Pink Green
Girl & Cat Studio

Make Mistakes Eraser Patch - Pink Green

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Embrace all your past demeanours and possible future shortcomings with this awesome embroidered patch!

Its SO easy to feel paralysed by perfection, scared of starting something in case it doesn't work. I made these pins to remind and encourage you to go forth and make mistakes! Don't be scared of failure - do the thing! It might be terrible, it might not work. But it also might be AWESOME.

This patch is based upon an original illustration and measures 12.5cm wide (4.9 in) and 5cm high (2in)
Iron on Embroidered Patch - One Supplied.
Please check the size before ordering.
One patch supplied
Original artwork by Girl and Cat Studio, designed and created in Scotland.
© Mandy Fleetwood. All Rights Reserved.